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For lower league managers:

CM – Ryan Mason, precontract to arrive in the second season, 70 rated when i got him. Another good potential CM like Zelalem.

CM – Barella i got for 350k second season, 70 rated when i got him, again good potential.

RB – Pollace for 7k second season. Not improved too much so far though which is disappointing.

LB – Hong Chul, 71 rated, precontract in the first season, decent potential but a very solid player and importantly a good freekick taker which can be hard to come by in the lower leagues.

CAM – Mackay-Steven, 71 rated on arrival in the second season on a pre-contract. Great pace and dribbling plus 5* skills.

Mason, Zelalem and Barella cost me ~500k for the lot and are all around 80 potential. Got my midfield pretty much sorted.

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This is better than I was expecting it to be. I honestly just crammed a few quick ideas into a prompt and hoped for the best as a first post here, but the only place I could see this one going was a “Well, s***.” direction in which the character literally just deals with it.

In other words, I’d like to see some more!

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list of events

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Here is the list of upcoming events you may be interested in, you may find more information here website

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The most important reason why I think a lot of people like this design is that it would allow the Patriots to wear their throwback jerseys again. Due to the new NFL rule requiring players to wear the same helmets all year, the Pats can’t wear throwbacks because they require a different helmet than our current jerseys use.

This proposed jersey style uses a white helmet instead of our current silver. This means that like many other teams in the league we could use the same helmets and simply change the decals on them to suit up in the throwback unis.

As a 37 year old man who grew up watching Pats in the red jerseys in the Pat the Patriot years I hated not getting to see those jerseys for at least one game this year. I’m up for any jersey change that includes a white helmet so we can simply change the decal to Pat and throw on the ol’ red jerseys.