Case #: 8757174722

U.S. Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Internet Crime Investigation Center

FBI – Minneapolis Suite 1372

149 Washington Avenue, North

MN 55425

Phone: (888) 348-1766

Fax: (888) 348-1766

November 16, 2017

RE: Case Number: 8725174597

The IP address registered on your name was referred to our ICC Center (IC3) several times as being a possible suspect of federal cyber fraud.

Through investigation conducted by our Minneapolis Cyber Division of the FBI your IP address was used to commit multiple computer fraud and abuse crimes. This investigation covers the time period from October 7, 2017 to the present date.

We will appreciate your instant attention and cooperation while we are investigating this case. Please contact us immediately , at telephone number provided above.

Best Regards, Samuel Gilbert

Internet Crime Investigation Center/Cyber Division

Minneapolis Suite 3166

134 Washington Ave, East

MN 55421

Phone: (888) 348-1766

Fax: (888) 348-1766

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