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Have you ever before seen that amazing stuff? That’s so interesting, please take a peek open link

Looking forward, Estella Avery

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Yeah, she sent me a couple of snotty replies then deleted them. One of them said that she had invited her sister, suggesting at worst that this wasn’t a surprise *to her* at all, or at best that she suggested they stay the night without consulting her husband. I think this post was not turning out the way she thought it would and she opted out.

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❣omg! what a good day


I’ve had a nice day today and wanted to share this along with you, take a look open message

Regards, Effie Willett

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For all the fans of her work, you can go onto her MFC and buy enough tokens to purchase all of her videos. It’s a bit over a hundred bucks, and you get every single video she’s done.

Honestly, people who do amazing work like this girl does deserve to be paid for their hard work. For that hundred bucks, how many hundreds of orgasms do you think you’ll get?

Support the artist, kids. It’ll ensure there’s more of her work in the future. I’m saving a bit of money in the coming weeks to buy myself her full video collection as a late Giftmas present, and it will be the best one I’ve ever received.

Edit: Apparently the thought of actually paying to support an amazing porn artist offends people to the point of downvotes. You wanna know why a lot of amateur performers you like don’t keep doing good stuff, or drop out of the industry? BECAUSE IF ALL PEOPLE DO IS PIRATE AND POST IT ON VIDEO SITES, THEY DON’T GET PAID, AND WHY THE FUCK DO A JOB YOU DON’T GET PAID FOR. ESPECIALLY IF IT COMES WITH MASSIVE RISKS LIKE STDS.

So instead of downvoting for daring to suggest you support performers you really like, maybe you should view free porn on the internet as a way to browse actors and actresses, and then if you really like their work, put a few bucks into supporting them so that they are more likely to keep making porn.

Jesus fuck, that’s the exact justification a lot of people use for pirating music and movies, that it lets them sample a product before they decide whether to support the creator. Why is that suddenly retarded when applied to something that gives you a lot more pleasure than Spiderman 3 or the latest Nickelback album?

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