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For lower league managers:

CM – Ryan Mason, precontract to arrive in the second season, 70 rated when i got him. Another good potential CM like Zelalem.

CM – Barella i got for 350k second season, 70 rated when i got him, again good potential.

RB – Pollace for 7k second season. Not improved too much so far though which is disappointing.

LB – Hong Chul, 71 rated, precontract in the first season, decent potential but a very solid player and importantly a good freekick taker which can be hard to come by in the lower leagues.

CAM – Mackay-Steven, 71 rated on arrival in the second season on a pre-contract. Great pace and dribbling plus 5* skills.

Mason, Zelalem and Barella cost me ~500k for the lot and are all around 80 potential. Got my midfield pretty much sorted.

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